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Currently, I have the immense pleasure of directing Urinetown, the musical at Bridgewater State University.

“In the dark times 

Will there also be singing? 

Yes, there will also be singing.

About the dark times.” 

― Bertolt Brecht


I was first introduced to Urinetown (not the place of course, the musical) much closer to the time it was written, in 2001. It strikes me how relevant this musical is eighteen years later, as we’ve seen the role money plays in government and the dire consequences of living our lives as if our resources will last forever. This musical explores government corruption, mob mentality, oppression of the poor for profit, violence begetting violence—and, of course, love.


Urinetown irreverently pays homage to some of the greatest musicals of all time while reminding us that if we do nothing in the face of an unsustainable way of life, no one will escape the inevitable consequences.


Oh, and—it’s a comedy. Join us!

We play October 25-November 2nd. 

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