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A mysteriously magnetic woman who calls herself Dracula has arrived and people are behaving strangely. Women have curiously strong and unfamiliar desires. Children disappear in the night, returning with chocolate on their lips and bite marks on their throats. People are dying in stupors of rage and craving. The brilliant Professor Van Hesling must use everything she knows to uncover the bone-chilling truth behind these events and employ all the violence she can muster to save the soul and purity of sweet Lucy Seward, even if not her life.

Adapted from the work of Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston and the novel by Bram Stoker.

Below: Bridgewater State University's 2023 production.

Photo: Gillian Gordon


Romeo Loves Juliet

A fast-paced, two-person adaption of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Co-written with Eddie Shields and first produced at Brandeis University. Photo by Tony Kisner.


Jesus Camp

Summer, 2001. Five teenage girls navigate the adolescent whirlwind of Evangelical Christian sleep-away camp.

young female hand holding simple cross n

Murder Girls

Bottomless brunch, roommates and murder. A ten-minute play. First produced at The Tank Theatre, NYC.

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